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Pulse Asset Tracking

Pulse Asset Tracking allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your inventory assets with RFID technology. Why choose RFID when your inventory already has barcodes... the answer is easy, automation! With no user intervention you can track where your assets are, get alerts as they pass through different checkpoints, and collect valuable KPIs on choke points of your production flow. 

Mounted RFID Scanner_edited.jpg

Mounted RFID
Reader Checkpoints

Geofence your assets with a fixed mounted RFID reader. Automatically scan tags as they pass through the RFID field. Track how much time your asset spends within each geolocation. Mounted RFID readers are the easiest way to improve efficiencies and remove human mistakes in counting and tracking your inventory assets.

Mobile Handheld
RFID Checkpoint Scanners

For a more versatile situation that requires mobility, choose to go with a set of handheld scanners. The handheld scanner can update information about the asset as well as scan the product in and out of critical production checkpoints. With the pull of a trigger scan and identify every product on a pallet, product hiding deep on a warehouse shelf, or even tucked inside a box. The pulse of your inventory is in the squeeze of a trigger. 

Handheld RFID Scanner.png
Tag Collection.png

For all purposes

RFID tags come in all different shapes and sizes. There are tags for rugged environments, hi-temp environments, printable badges, simple paper stickers and more. Choose the form-factor that best matches the needs of your environment.

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