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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse with Remote Monitoring

Pulse is a remote monitoring and management tool used to track your employees' activity.

Pulse can be used for work from home employees or in-office staff. Pulse will capture and monitor activity on the local machine and give metrics about applications the employees use and websites they visit. Pulse allows you to capture the users' productivity and times away from the device.

Pulse is an automatic system that does not require any interaction once the application is installed. There is no need to constantly check the site or review a large report on a weekly basis. Pulse gives you the ability to monitor your employees by exception. Simply set up the rules you want to track and receive alerts when the rules are broken. You may want to configure alerts for events such as late arrivals or early departures, long breaks, social media site usage, explicit content websites, etc. You can create a custom notification for anything that suits your needs.


Keep your finger on the Pulse with remote monitoring for only $3 per device

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Application Usage Dashboard

Track your inventory assets for only $1 per tag scan a month

Pulse Asset Tracking

With the use of RFID technology Pulse Asset Tracking can provide event-driven notification. Keep your customers and your software systems updated with the current status of your production line and inventory using webhook API calls, text messages, and e-mails.

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Best Activity Monitor on the Market

Pulse is an affordable solution that never charges for devices that are inactive.


Low monthly cost of only $3 per device. No contracts, commitments, or hidden fees. Cancel at any time.

User Friendly

Install with a simple wizard. The admin dashboard uses the latest in technology and sleek design. Customize your own reports, graphs, and charts.


Data is fully secured using AES 256 bit encryption. We do not store keystrokes, passwords, or other private information. We do not sell any information to 3rd parties.

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Learn All About the Advantages That Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

Pulse allows you to write your own custom graphs, charts, and data tables with a user friendly experience. Simply choose the type of report and the data you want to see, and Pulse does the rest. Interested in getting your report at the end of the week? Pulse can send you the report on a recurring schedule by text message or email.

Accessible From All Locations

Pulse is formatted to work on your PC or mobile device. Access employee data, reports, and graphs at any time, day or night. Allow other users in your organization to have access to the Pulse dashboard. You control which devices each user is allowed to see on the dashboard.


We've Come a Long Way

The pandemic has opened a lot of opportunities for employees to work from home.

Pulse was a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. While many companies were fortunate enough to allow employees to work from home, it created the new challenge of managing a remote workforce. The knowledge that the workforce was just as strong remotely as it was when it was contained in a corporate building opened the doors to a permanent work-from-home opportunity.

Employers offering a remote work environment is the new trend. Having access to remote activity can give employers the visibility and assurance that employees are neither working too hard nor too little. We are in a new era of business management and Pulse is the solution.


What People are Saying

Here's what our users are saying about the Pulse experience

“Pulse is excellent in providing you the information you need to know in a quick, efficient way. This makes it perfect for a busy owner or manager.”

“The report generator is surprisingly easy and I like receiving it in my email.”

“I love that I can see what websites my employee are visiting, even when they are using incognito mode.”

Steve D.

Kelly H.

Melanie P.

New Features

Coming Soon...

What are we doing next...

The next generation of Pulse will add support for monitoring Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks. 




Pulse is proud to announce the time clock system is now live. Login to your pulse account to gain access to the new time clock application. There are timesheets for tracking your time in/out, and a wall clock for employees to punch a clock.


Details and images to come soon!

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